If you’re beginning to feel less at home on account of cluttered junk, it might be time to give Trash B Gone a call! We provide flexible residential junk removal services for your convenience.

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Have you ever had so much junk in your home, but little to no time to address it? Thanks to the team at Trash B Gone, you don’t even have to worry about this common, everyday issue any longer! That’s because we’re a full-service crew serving your area on a daily basis. In offering a wide range of services, we are beyond qualified to handle your residential junk removal on your terms! All you have to do to request the services you need is give us a call. With open availability everyday, we can get to you as soon as the same day that you schedule!

When you work with us, you do yourself a favor by alleviating all your junk-induced stress. Our pros tackle your junk removal from start to finish so that you don’t have to move a muscle in the process! Just think of all the time and energy that’ll save you. Additionally, we handle all your junk disposal for you by putting the most eco-friendly practices first! With us, you can rest assured that your unwanted junk will be recycled, donated, or otherwise responsibly disposed of.


At Trash B Gone, we take pride in a pocket-friendly pricing system that keeps residential junk removal affordable. Plus, as a locally-owned company, we help you save! While other companies will charge you never-ending add-on fees, we do the opposite. As honest people who keep your best interests in mind, we stick to the same cost that we present to you beforehand through a free, all-inclusive quote. After all, the last thing we want to do is add to your stress with an unexpectedly inflated price!

We uphold a universal, all-inclusive pricing system. So, whether you book us for commercial or residential junk removal, your price depends simply on how much junk you have! At the very start of your appointment, our haulers begin by determining your price. After briefly observing all that you need removed, our pros will give you a free quote that accounts for your total cost. That way, there’ll be no unexpected surprises when it’s time for you to pay!


The team at Trash B Gone is a friendly, professional one that brings many upsides to both commercial and residential junk removal services. Check out some reasons below as to why we’re already a top-trusted company in the community!

  • Full-Service. That means that we handle your service entirely! Our pack of pros always covers the heavy lifting, hauling, loading, and disposal that comes with junk removal.
  • Family-Owned. As opposed to large, hard-to-reach junk hauling companies that ignore your needs or requests, we pay close attention to them! In addition, our kind team brings the warmest attitudes for a 5-star experience.
  • Same-Day Service. Open everyday with flexible availability, we’re always here to flex around your demanding schedule! Just call us when you need residential junk removal and we’ll schedule your appointment for the same or next day.
  • Expert-Level. With a properly-trained group of pros, junk removal steps never get missed! All our haulers have the proper training and experience that always keeps them on the right track in the field.



Trash B Gone is a family-owned business specializing in residential junk removal, clean outs, and many other services. With a mission to ease your mind with junk removal designed for you, we’re here to make getting rid of junk easier than ever before! We provide full-service junk removal on a daily basis in Durham, Raleigh, and surrounding areas in the Triangle.

In a sea of countless junk removal companies, ours stands out. Not only do we prove to you that you come first in every step of your service, but we go above and beyond at the end of your appointment! After sweeping up and leaving your property immensely cleaner than we found it, we handle the disposal of all your junk soundly. In fact, we try our best to recycle and donate as much as possible every day! By doing so, we help protect the air, water, and land quality of local communities. And by working with us, you contribute to our eco-friendly difference in turn!

Whether you’re looking to book our residential junk removal or other service, we’re ready for you. Call 919-899-2923 today!