A frustrating byproduct of any construction, renovation, or demolition job is the debris. Fortunately, you don’t have to clean up this rubbish for yourself. We haul away construction debris so you can take a much-needed break instead!

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What have you been working on recently in the world of construction? Are you building the foundations of a new office, hotel, or restaurant? Are your renovating your home bathroom or kitchen? It could be that you’re even demolishing a structure instead of constructing it. In all of these cases, you’re likely to generate a whole lot of debris as a result of your work. Make your life a little bit easier with our construction debris removal services. We’ll take your construction, demolition, or renovation debris off your hands so you don’t have to go through the exhausting process of cleaning it all up for yourself. Trash B Gone is based in Durham, NC, but we’re prepared to serve you in many different locations!


Are you wondering if you might need construction debris hauling services? When is an appropriate time to reach out to a professional junk removal company for this service, anyway? Any time that you feel like you would save time or energy by letting the experts do the work for you! At Trash B Gone, we’re in the junk removal industry to make the lives of our neighbors better. If you’re caught up with other responsibilities related to your construction project, then we’d be more than happy to lend you a helping hand. Have us clean up the debris, and you can let go of your waste-related worries and let your mind wander to other places.

Choosing Trash B Gone for construction, renovation, or demolition debris removal is a great decision for many other reasons, too. Did you know that, when compared to the “big box” franchises, we offer more agreeable prices? That’s because we don’t have to pay franchise fees, meaning our customers get to save money. Additionally, our volume-based pricing model ensures any project of any size is assigned a fair cost. You’ll pay an amount based on how much we haul and never a penny more.

A big reason why many construction workers dread the debris cleanup process is that visiting a local disposal site is a pain. Sitting in line to dump your junk is probably the last thing you’ll want to do after concluding a big project. Well, we’ll handle this disposal process for you. This means that, instead of sitting around the landfill and enjoying the stench, you’ll get to go home and watch a movie instead. What’s not to like about that?


  1. Your appointment will begin with our timely arrival, followed by a warm introduction from our crew. Then, we’ll check out all the construction debris that needs to go.
  2. After you accept our upfront service quote, we can start hauling all the debris away. Leave it to our team! You can focus on something else in the meantime.
  3. We will load up our truck with debris until there’s not even a single piece of it left over. Then, we’ll accept your payment for our services.
  4. Finally, we will say goodbye and take the construction debris away for disposal. This marks an end to your appointment.


No construction debris removal job is too big or small for Trash B Gone. Let’s say that you’re knee-deep in a construction project for a new multi-story building. As you can imagine, this structure requires a lot of attention to detail. So don’t spend your time focusing on piles of junk instead. We can clean up your construction debris even if there are mountains of it infesting your work site. The last thing we want you to do is spend hours sorting out the mess for yourself!

On the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t have that much debris, then we’re still willing to help you out. For example, during a simple home renovation, such as a bathroom remodel, you might have a small pile of tiles and an old toilet that needs to go. We can take it all off your hands, and the final price of the appointment will reflect the fact that we didn’t collect that much debris.

Regardless of the size of your project, we want to hear from you. Schedule construction debris removal services today, and you won’t regret it! Getting started is as simple as clicking Book Now and filling out our contact form. You’re also invited to give us a call at 919-972-1854. No matter how you go about booking your appointment, you’ll receive the same stellar service from our professional junk removal team.