It can be difficult to remain productive at work when you’re surrounded by unwanted junk. Do you need someone to lend you a helping hand? Let the team at Trash B Gone clean up the clutter, and you’ll be able to focus on your other responsibilities.

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Are you one of the many business owners operating in Durham, NC or another nearby service area? If so, then you are already aware of the challenges that your business provides you with. You have to manage money, employees, time… and sometimes, junk! Yes, junk is one of those things that prove frustrating at your office, store, warehouse, restaurant, or other commercial space. When you don’t want to clean up that commercial junk on your own, try our commercial junk removal services instead. At Trash B Gone, we’re proud to be your go-to commercial junk hauler, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be there to serve you before you know it.


As previously mentioned, you can save your time and energy by letting a professional junk removal company remove your commercial waste for you. However, that leads to the next question. Which company should you pick? It’s not always immediately clear when there are so many options. However, by choosing Trash B Gone, you’ll support a local business, and as the owner of a local business yourself, doesn’t this seem like the best choice? We always appreciate our patrons, and we show it through our work. Our team will be nothing but smiles on your appointment day, and they’ll clean up whatever junk you have at your business in a flash.

There are endless kinds of commercial junk we can take off your hands! From store fixtures and shelves to office cubicles and computers, we haul it all so you don’t have to. Additionally, our junk removal prices will surprise you—in a good way. We offer a low junk removal cost what you pay is based on how much we haul away. So, no matter the size of your clean up project, we’ll be able to provide you with a fair cost.

We can even help remove items that you weren’t able to budge on your own. For example, consider commercial appliance removal. If you can’t get a refrigerator in your break room to even move, don’t fret, because we can get it off your property. We can also handle commercial furniture removal tasks for you. Leave it to us to whisk away your unwanted desks, tables, chairs, and more!


  1. Whether you need office junk removal, retail junk removal, warehouse junk removal, or something else, expect us to always be there on time.
  2. At the beginning of your appointment, we will determine how much junk we need to haul away, then provide you with an upfront service quote.
  3. Approve our quote, and our team will get to work! You can handle some of your other day-to-day tasks while we clean up the clutter for you.
  4. With all the junk off your commercial property and in our truck, we’ll accept your payment, then take it all to a nearby disposal site.


In some circumstances, you will have to remove absolutely everything from your commercial space. It could be that you are moving your business across town, if not closing up shop for good. Maybe you are renting out that space, and you recently have to evict your most recent tenants. You might even be preparing for an extensive remodel! Whatever the reason for your commercial clean out, we would be happy to handle the junk removal work for you. Let us know that everything has to go, and believe us, we’ll make everything go!

Not only can we remove all junk from the commercial property, but we can also handle some disassembly as well. Let’s say you have many cubicles that need to be taken apart, or maybe you want some warehouse shelves reduced to their components. Well, we’re ready to make it happen. We have the tools needed for disassembly, and we have the willpower needed to finish the work fast.

As you can see, Trash B Gone is the quintessential source of commercial junk removal services. It doesn’t get better than us, so you can finally put your search for a junk removal business to rest. Instead, book an appointment with us today! We’d love to be at your service—maybe even as soon as today or tomorrow! There are two ways to get in touch with us. The first of these options is our online booking. Would you prefer to have a chat with a member of our team? Then try our second booking option and call us at 919-899-2923.